Green Sea Turtle Released After Injury

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Gulf World employees and volunteers released a rehabilitated Green Sea Turtle back into the water Thursday afternoon.

They released the turtle, named Walter, in the Inlet Beach area in South Walton.

Walter suffered injuries in April, when he got caught in some fishing line.

The fisherman called local authorities to help.

Employees say this is common to have sea turtles get injured, and unfortunately there aren't many ways to prevent that from happening.

"It is hard to prevent something like that of course, these animals are opportunistic feeders, so if they see bait they are going to go after it,” said Stephanie Nagle, of Gulf World. “But this fisherman did a great job, he did the appropriate action, he called Florida Fish and Wildlife, and they called local authorities to make sure this animal received help."

Gulf World employees say Walter will end up weighing about 250 to 300 pounds.