Greer Enters Guilty Plea

On the day Jim Greer resigned from the State Republican Party Leadership, a paper shredding truck was parked in front of party headquarters. Three months later, an internal audit ordered by interim party chairman, State Senator John Thrasher, found hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on lavish trips and a secret contract to pay Greer a 10% commission on every dollar raised.

"I was shocked that that's what I found and after consulting with lawyers in the party and others I turned that information over to the Attorney General who got it to the statewide prosecutor," said Sen. Thrasher.

After years of speculation of what would come out at a trial, Greer kissed his wife as he entered an Orlando courtroom and changed his plea.

"Mr. Greer would withdraw his previously entered plea of not guilty and plead guilty," said Greer’s attorney Damon Chase.

The plea avoids the possibility of airing dirty laundry about credit card expenses and what Greer and elected officials did on trips to the Bahamas and elsewhere.

The current party leadership is quick to point out that former Republican now Democrat Charlie Crist was responsible for bringing Greer to Tallahassee.

"Charlie Crist handpicked Jim Greer out of obscurity to be the chairman of this party. No one in this party has ever heard of Jim Geer before Charlie Crist was elected Governor here in the state of Florida," said RPOF Executive Director Mike Grissom.

But it was Crist who later went to the Department of Law Enforcement and complained that Geer was trying to blackmail him.

For his plea, Greer will face no more than about three and a half years behind bars.

Greer would have faced up to 25 years behind bars if he continued to fight the charges and was found guilty.