Grills Gone Wild Cooks up Money for Charities

PANAMA CITY BEACH - The Rotary Club of Panama City Beach held its sixth annual grills gone wild competition Saturday.

Around 30 chefs took part in the competition to raise money for the Rotary International and 20 other local charities.

The teams set up on Friday night and don't stop grilling until late Saturday night.

Teams were cooking up everything from brisket to pulled pork eggrolls.

The second place brisket winners say the event is a great way to bring people together while raising money for a good cause.

Larry Fatzer said, "We had a blast. We had fun cooking at this event. Last year we came and we hung out and we talked to all the people here and decided we wanted to cook."

Last year, over $20,000 was raised for charity.

Organizers say they plan to exceed that number this year.