Groundbreaking for Army Reserves Training Facility

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A new military facility in Bay County will be up and running by early next year. The newest addition will be an Army Reserve facility that many are excited to see what's in store.

The new center is set up specifically to help with training for the three new transportation units set to come to Panama City.

Officials say residents can expect to see the dirt moving as early as next week.

"It means a new home for the soldiers that are going to be serving here in Bay county," said Sergeant First Class Shelia Florence. "We're proud to be a part of this new facility."

The center will be home for 100 soldiers and located down Highway 77 near Skunk Valley Road.

"There will be offices for the administrative functions that happen during the week so when soldiers come on that one weekend a month we have classrooms and other training facilities," said Colonel Joseph Roberts with the 81st Regional Support Command. "So it's purely for training and to support whatever training needs the soldiers need to accomplish their mission."

The current facility located on 15th Street will continue to house its units in conjunction with the new facility.

While construction is set to begin early next week, officials building the facility say they hope to be finished and have the center ready to open as early as January of next year.

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