Gsell Declined New Trial and Sentence

A local woman, who's serving a life sentence for killing her husband, will remain in sentence.

The First District Court of Appeal has rejected 48-year Judy Gsell's request for a new trial and a new sentence.

The 5-appelate judge affirmed the trial court's guilty verdict and life sentence.

Gsell killed and robbed her 80-year old husband Raymond Gsell back in January 2012.

Raymond Gsell had refused to give Judy Gsell and a friend money to buy drugs.

She strangled her husband but it was the friend, Dawn Ross, who actually killed Raymond Gsell, by breaking his neck.

Ross pled guilty to second degree murder and received a 40 year sentence in-exchange for her testimony against Gsell.

Friday's ruling is just the first in what will probably be a long appeals process.

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