Gsell Murder Trial Begins: "I broke his neck so he wouldn't be in anymore pain"

It didn't take log for jurors to hear who killed 80-year-old Raymond Gsell back in January. One of the state's witnesses confessed to the crime during the first day of testimony in his wife, Judy Gsell's, first degree murder trial.

Prosecutors called one of their key witnesses, Dawn Ross to the stand Wednesday afternoon. Ross admitted she was the one who killed Raymond Gsell by breaking his neck.

The murder happened after Raymond refused to give Judy money to buy drugs.

Investigators say the women killed Gsell, took money out of his pockets, then partied until the next morning when they stuff Gsell's body in a freezer.

Ross cut a deal with the state to testify against Judy Gsell. While she admits to the actual killing, she says Judy Gsell also played a major role in the crime - a statement that the defense says isn't true.

Ross says she killed Raymond after Judy spent time strangling him with her arms, forearm, and with an extension cord. She claims that she killed Raymond to stop him from being in anymore pain. State attorney Larry Basford asked Ross if at any point Gsell told her to stop or expressed any sort of anger or concern about the killing of her husband.

"You say he was gurgling, was there any blood at that point? Did you see any blood at that point?" asked Basford.

"Not at that point, not until I broke his neck...then there was blood everywhere. It was bleeding from the side of his ear," responded Ross.

"And what did Judy say, she's standing right there as you do it? What does she say?" he asked. "She don't say anything."

"She doesn't say 'you crazy b' or 'what have you done?' "Nothing."

In a jailhouse interview with News Channel 7 on Tuesday, Gsell claims she didn't do anything because she was afraid Ross would kill her as well.

In the opening statement, defense attorney Kimberly Dowgul told jurors to take into account when statements were made, pointing out inconsistencies from before and after plea deals were cut.

If Gsell is found guilty she faces life in prison.

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