Gulf Co. Sheriff Wants to Move

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GULF COUNTY Gulf County Sheriff Mike Harrison wants to move.

Harrison is asking County Commissioners for more office space get get his 40 employees all under one roof.

Commissioners are apparently split over the request.

The size of the Gulf County Sheriff's Office is forcing some employees to get a little too cozy.

In fact, during an investigation last week, Harrison had to get creative, as he explains, "The evidence was examined right here on my desk."

Only 6 of the Sheriff's employees work out of the office by the County Jail.

The rest work out of a unit located behind the Supervisor of Elections office.

Commissioners are considering a swap, moving the Sheriff into Supervisor of Elections John Hanlon's office...And moving Hanlon by the jail.

Gulf County Commissioner Warren Yeager says, "It's been discussed for a pretty good, long while, because the Sheriff just doesn't have adequate space."

But it's a risky move during an election year.

The supervisor of Elections didn't want to speak on camera but did say off-camera, he has some genuine concerns about possibly moving in to the new location.

One is fitting his entire office here into a building of that size, and two, the close proximity to the jail.

Commissioner Tan Smiley expressed the same concern during Tuesday's meeting.

Yeager says, "He was just concerned that some of the voters just wouldn't go out and early vote if they had to go out to the jail."

But Harrison says, "Obviously I needed it done yesterday. And I'm not going to rush them into doing hasty decisions, I trust they'll make the right decisions in finding the right location for us, and whenever that happens, I'd like to have it happen as soon as possible."

Hanlon plans to speak to commissioners and Harrison next week.