Gulf Coast Workforce hosts Stand Down

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Nearly 25% of Veterans in Northwest Florida are homeless.

Promoting the Gulf Coast Workforce to host their annual event on Thursday and give those Veterans a much deserved hand.

Veterans received anything from a haircut, a meal, a physical, search for a job, and even set-up a dental appointment for next week.

"We'll have all of the students who will be there assisting us and we will be identifying any treatment needs. We'll be taking X-rays, radio graphs and we'll have local dentist who will be there volunteering and they will identifying any of the treatment needs."

Most of the free services are provided by either professionals volunteering their time, or by students learning their trade.

While the food, haircuts and physicals may have gotten the Vets in the door, the real focus was helping them find a job.

"We also have counselors who are on sight that talk to them about jobs that might be available in the area and hooking them up with other folks that can help them along that search get back on their feet and back to work"

The original Stand Down for Homeless Veterans was modeled after the stand down concept used during the Vietnam War to provide a safe retreat for units returning from combat operations.

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