Gulf County Continues to See Low Enrollment

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PORT ST. JOE-- One trend Gulf County School District has seen is a decline in enrollment in their schools.

This drop began about a decade ago, and over that span the district lost close to 500 students. This year it looks like they'll lose about 75 students.

Schools receive money based on the student head count. Meaning with less students, less funding from the state.

According to Superintendent Jim Norton, the state of Florida has an average of a 20-1 student to teacher ratio. Port St. Joe High School has a 17-1 student to teacher ratio.

"Anytime you have losses that trend out to be a net loss to the district has to be concerning, but we are very much optimists, here in my fourth year in the district we know that next year is going to be better than this year," said Gulf County Superintendent Jim Norton.

Superintendent Norton said the county will continue to budget their money to deal with declining enrollment.