Gulf County Math Teacher Arrested

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A Gulf County teacher is facing charges for her alleged behavior with students. Gulf County sheriff's investigators say she gave alcohol to two students earlier this month.

According to Gulf County sheriff's deputies, 30 year old Denise Ethridge is charged with providing alcohol to a person under 21 and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Officials with the school district say that until all the information has been provided, they cannot make any final decisions on their response.

"It's a legal investigation we certainly are not a part of that we have our own duties and procedures and policies that we must follow," said Gulf County School District Superintendent Jim Norton.

Officials with the school say that there is a teacher currently on temporary duty leave, but won't confirm if it is Ethridge.

"In our system of government in this country affords us an assumption of innocence rather than the assumption of guilt, so with that in mind, we really don't want to railroad any employee that may be facing the legal defense.” said Norton.

According to the police report, Ethridge entered into this Express Lane store on November 3rd, purchasing alcohol for herself and an under aged individual.

Later she was allegedly seen going back into the store and buying a twelve pack of beer and handing it to another individual. News Channel 7 attempted to speak to Ethridge at her house to see if she disputes the charges, but she declined to comment. Gulf County school board members have scheduled a meeting at 10:00 Tuesday morning where they'll discuss Ethridge's case.

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