Gulf County Tourism Booms

PORT ST JOE -- Dockside Seafood is Derran McDaniel's family business. He has been working at the restaurant his entire life, but he says this season has been like nothing he's seen before.

"Ya know, we were just slammed all summer. We probably could not do a whole lot more volume. Our business is growing and we are adding on," said McDaniel.

Other Port St. Joe business owners share Mcdaniel's sentiments.

"We had more bigger days this past summer than we've ever had. For us, 250 dinners is great, we had many nights over 300 dinners, said Patti Blaylock of Sunset Coastal Grill.

"It's been very very busy. We've actually had some more shops open up in downtown. We hear from the marina and from all over gulf county that not only are they busier, but they get to retain jobs and they don't have to lay so many people off," said TDC Ex. Dir. Jennifer Jenkins.

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