Gulf Power Crews Brave Wintry Storm to Complete Power Restoration

Thursday afternoon, Gulf Power Company restored power to the last pockets of customers impacted by this week’s winter storm.

Since the winter storm began Tuesday afternoon, crews restored power to 47,873 customers.

“It was a monumental effort by the entire Gulf Power team,” said Jeff Rogers, Corporate Communications manager. “We appreciate customers’ patience as our crews worked long hours in the harsh conditions to restore power as quickly and as safely as possible.”

Gulf Power brought in 155 utility workers from other parts of the company to assist line crews and support personnel in the hardest hit areas — Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. In addition, 169 utility workers from sister companies Mississippi Power and Alabama Power, as well as other contract utilities, were brought in as reinforcements.

Extra line crews weren’t the only help the utility received —the Florida Highway Patrol and the Emergency Operations Centers in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties were invaluable helping crews find passable roads to reach customers who lost power.

“The experience our crews garnered in North Texas restoring power after their December winter storm proved to be a very important factor,” said Rogers. “There’s no doubt that storm trip gave us the edge for faster, safer power restoration.”