Gulf World Celebrates World Oceans Day

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Panama City Beach Gulf World is celebrating World Ocean's Day Sunday.

Th honor the day celebrated all around the world, Gulf World decided to perform all their shows in the same day.

Organizers are hoping to get at least 300 guests to show up.

Gulf World is hoping to target kids and families who can help leave this world in a better place.

"It's very important to education our community, especially the younger generation, because they are the future generation," Stephanie Nagle, Gulf World's education coordinator, said. "So, we want to make sure these guys know what to do and what it takes to protect these oceans that are a great resource, not only for recreational purposes, of course, but food and recreation as well."

Gulf World also set up booths about water mosquitoes, sea turtle safety and littering.

They partnered with the local KIA dealership, who brought the Florida sea turtle license plates.

The plates are currently second in sales in the state, behind only the University of Florida license plates.