Gulf World Marine Institute Releases Rehabilitated Loggerhead Turtle

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BEACON HILL- A rehabilitated loggerhead sea turtle is back home in the gulf after being given a clean bill of health by the Gulf World Marine Institute. Dozens gathered for the turtle's release Thursday morning at Beacon Hill on the Bay County/Gulf County line.

The sub-adult loggerhead was found by a family who was boating in Perry, that is in Taylor County. Fishing line was wrapped around it's front flippers causing damage.

Gulf World Marine Institute nursed the animal back to health and invited the public to attend the release Thursday. "This awesome, just awesome. This is a huge aquarium and to see something go back into the aquarium is the ultimate," said Lea Rapier.

"If you do see fishing line or fishing gear along the shore or in the water, collect it and throw it away, " said Stephanie Nagle of Gulf World Marine Insitute. "There are those large PVC dispensers you see on fishing piers, those are great to dispense it there. Take it there and dispose of them properly because that fishing line and fishing gear can get wrapped around these animals," explained Nagle.

An endangered juvenile green sea turtle was not quite ready for release Thursday, but will be soon.