Gun Control Reactions in Bay County

C&G Sporting Goods Store in Panama City was busy Wednesday afternoon with people coming in to look at guns.
Owner Ronnie Groom believes the spike in gun sales is in response to President Obama's announcement.
Spurred by the recent Sandy Hook School shooting, the President proposed a tougher ban on assault weapons, limiting magazines to 10 rounds and criminal background checks on nearly all gun sales.
But not everyone agrees this is the right way to handle gun violence.
"He's got no business delving into what is my God given right,” said Garry Price, a gun enthusiast. “What about the second amendment, that says the people should keep and bear arms, and that right shall not be infringed.”
President Obama also approved 23 executive actions, which include incentives for schools to hire school resource officers and telling doctors they can ask patients if they own a firearm.
"I think all he's doing is getting votes,” said Ronnie Groom. “And most of the things he's talking about we've tried and they haven't worked. They're not getting at the core problem, protecting the schools."
Craig Hazzard, a student at Gulf Coast, supports the president's decision.
"I think the gun control laws are appropriate because guns are becoming rampant and people are using them more to commit more fatal crimes," Hazzard said, and he does not believe guns belong on school campuses.