Gun Opposition

TALLAHASSEE, Fla Local leaders and parents are sounding off on gun legislation. They want power locally to decide gun laws, and want to put an end to some of the proposals moving through the Capitol.

School teachers could be armed, warning shots would be legal, evacuees could carry concealed weapons, and zero tolerance would be relaxed with four gun bills likely to become law this year.

Rep. Greg Steube, a Republican from Sarasota, is sponsor of the bill. “I think it prevents violence from occurring in our school campuses, ensuring that we have someone to respond to an armed intruder coming into our schools is very important.”

The proposals brought Lisa Wheeler-Brown from St. Petersburg to the Capitol in memory of her son Cabretti. He was brutally gunned down. “If we had some common sense laws or ways to prevent the felons or people who shouldn’t have weapons, yes I do, I think his life maybe would have been spared.”

Wheeler-Brown joined a coalition between Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns rallying at the Capitol. Arming teachers was a chief concern of the group.
Chryl Anderson is with the group “Moms Demand Action”. “Much as you might want to believe that these young people, these children, do not know that you’re carrying a weapon, I promise you some of them will know.”

The sponsor of a House bill that would allow teachers to be armed says the group can’t have it both ways.

Rep, Greg Steube, “We shouldn’t have any other guns in our schools but we want more school resource officers, well all school resource officers carry guns. So that comment really doesn’t make any sense.”

2nd amendment supporters stood in silent protest of the Moms and Mayors. The groups pleas for gun sense are likely to fall on deaf ears

Just hours before the rally took place, the House bill that allows teachers to be armed passed another committee with little opposition.

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