Sandy Hook Shooting Effects Local Gun Sales

Immediately after last fFiday's mass murders at the Sandy Hook elementary school, politicians refrained from discussing gun control, but this week it is the main topic of discussion.

"Can we honestly say we are doing enough to keep our children safe from harm? I've been reflecting on this the last few days. If we are honest with ourselves, no we are not," said President Obama to friends and family memebers of those killed.

The president's remarks have some area gun owners thinking stronger gun regulations are on the way.

Frank Cross manages the Panama City based Guns and Gear and says, "Most the people who come into this store know about their 2nd amendment rights and they are concerned about their 2nd amendment rights. They are waiting and aware of what's going on in Washington."

As a result, some are buying now, before possible restriction go into effect. Restrictions they find unnecessary.

First time gun owner Joshua Blancard says, "(He does'nt) think it's time for more legislation. This is a tragedy we should be concerened about taking care of the familes."

Regardless, lawmakers seem ready to act.

Florida's Democratic Senator Bill Nelson's office released a statement saying he supports the second amendment. But he's voted to ban assault riffles, that he says are meant for killing, not hunting.

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