Help for Human Trafficking Victims

Local volunteers for the national organization called "Force-4-Compassion" are trying to help some of the women forced into that life.

When they're rescued, they usually have nothing more than the clothes on their backs. The “Bags For Hope” program provides them with bags filled with large t-shirts, socks, modest underwear, make-up wipes, and a lot of personal care items.

He goal is to make them feel immediately safe and comfortable. The first 50-bags are going to the sheriff's office in Houston, Texas, where human trafficking is a major problem.

"We know, for a fact, that girls are being moved around the country. And, yes. It would benefit sheriff's departments and law enforcement in all of the cities in the U.S."

"I love the bag of dignity. That's what every woman wants. It's a chance to give back, and it's something to let them know that the community is thinking about them. They're not all alone."

The Des tin volunteers are also hoping to line-up sponsors for the bags. You can sponsor a bag for 60-dollars, or contribute 5-dollars a month.

"Force-for-Compassion" also operates victim shelters and educates children and parents on the dangers of abduction.

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