HOA's Rethink Water Sport Insurance Coverage

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It's been more than six months since a parasilaing crash in Panama City Beach critically injured two Indiana teenagers.

The families of both teens are now suing the parasailing company, the boat captain, and the hotel which helped book the parasailing trip.

The families of 17 year old's Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild are suing the owner of aquatic adventures Jeff Jones, boat captain Tyler Churchwell and the Treasure Island Condominums Owners Association where Acquatic Adventures had set up.

Now a local insurance agent, who writes a lot of condo associations, is recommending they severe ties with water rental businesses.

"We have seen some that have backed way from it. Some insurance companies that have wanted to pull back from that and put exclusions in place," said Rob Tallent, Brown Insurance Partner.

Tallent says dropping water sports activities protects the Home and Condo Owner's Associations.

Tallent said, "If you have that situation you can mitigate it, you can work through it; either by replacing the company or by eliminating the activity as a whole on your property."

Tropic Winds Condominium officials recently voted to exclude all water sports rentals from their property.

"We decided there wasn't enough upside, too much downside and it wasn't worth continuing with water sports once so ever," said Jim Rossi, Tropic Winds manager.

Legal experts agree with spring break on the horizon it's important to look over contracts to avoid costly lawsuits.

Tallent recommends condos and resorts conduct water sports rentals offsite to limit their liability.