Habitat For Humanity Dedicates Its Latest Home

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MILLVILLE - Another local family is moving into a brand new energy efficient home.

The Bay County Habitat for Humanity Organization and Gulf Power dedicated the home tonight to its new owners.

The family has worked hard building previous Habitat Homes for others, making thier own home that much more special.

Blood, sweat, and tears. It takes a lot of each to build a Habitat for Humanity home. The sweat comes in the form of 'Sweat Equity." And the tears, are tears of joy.

Tammy Storey and her husband Mark are the new owners of the home and Tammy said, "Watching it go up so fast and it just it really amazes me how it's come about and it...And knowing that it's mine. It makes me very proud."

Habitat requires someone to put in at least 500 hours building homes for others, before they can qualify for one of their own.

Mark spent many a day and night building other Habitat homes, accumulating that sweat equity.

It took three years to start work on the Storey's home because their paperwork got lost in the shuffle, but they're happy it's nearly ready.

Tammy added, "It means the world to us. It means we don't have to worry. This is our forever home, I call it our forever home."

This is Habitat's 66th Bay County home, an Earth Cents home that includes all the latest energy saving appliances.

Calvin Wilson is a Supervisor with Gulf Power and said "In this home we've got advanced techniques associated with the construction of walls, ceilings, we've got an advanced water heating system. I mean this is the latest and greatest technical construction technique in the marketplace and the Storeys are gonna be the beneficiary of that."

Gulf Power donated $50,000 as part of the Community Contribution Tax Credit program and its employees volunteered over 500 hours on the site.

A number of local organizations also helped in the construction including Navy Sea Beesm Non-Commissioned Officers from Tyndall Air Force Base, civilians, and of course future Habitat For Humanity home owners.

All the supplies used on site were bought from local companies.

George Hines is the President of Habitat For Humanity of Bay County and said "All of our companies are local. We never use a company out of state. We never use a company out of the county, actually. We try to keep all our money rotating around Bay County."

The next project for habitat for humanity of Bay County? Right next door.

Habitat sells the homes to the owners at cost with interest-free mortgages.

Those payments go to build more homes.