Habitat for Humanity Gives Local Family New Home

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CALLAWAY- "I'm really excited its like a dream come true pretty much," said Carlos Rodriguez, homeowner.

Rodriguez, his wife and two daughters have been waiting for this day for four years.

His family applied to Habitat for Humanity's home project after he lost his job due to the oil spill and could not find work anywhere.

Bay County's Habitat for Humanity alongside Chase Bank and dozens of volunteers presented the keys to the family's new home in Callaway Sunday afternoon.

"This is pretty much the pay off. You can go buy a house and it's great and you have a great sense of accomplishment, when you put as many hours in as we have and then you see the end result that's the big pay off right there," said Rodriguez.

The family had to serve hundreds of hours and go through a long process to get to this point.

"We sell the home to the homeowner but because we have so much volunteer neighbor. The price is a much reduced price than what it bought it through normal channels, plus we give them an interest free loan," said Herman Daniels, president of Habitat for Humanity.

The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a big backyard.

"My favorite part about the house is the backyard. I'm really surprised when I went back there. I think it was the first time I saw this house," said Chloe Boswell, daughter.

Rodriguez recently had surgery, but said he would not miss the moment his family sees the finish product.

"It makes me feel good. Real good. That they could have this and without habitat who knows maybe I'll own a house but maybe i would never own a house, but they made it possible for us to actually do this," Rodriguez said.