Habitat for Humanity Volunteers Build a Home of Their Own

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Two families in Panama City are experiencing the joy of owning their own homes.

After dedicating years to helping others build houses, two women were able to help lay the foundation and build a home for themselves.

Saturday, they were finally given the keys.

"It's probably the most exciting part about this whole program," says Cornel Brock of the Bay county Habitat for Humanity, "when we first break ground, everybody's excited but there's nothing like the finished product and being able to watch somebody's eyes light up when they actually hand them those keys and they really realize that they're actually going to have a home."

April Gaither and Sheena Anderson say they're both overwhelmed by the process.

The two have each put in at least 300 hours of work on their houses as well as others, installing cabinets and laying foundation.

Now the two say they're simply overjoyed to be able to walk into a home that is truly their own.

"You know it's so mixed up with different emotions, you know, exciting, overwhelming, anxious... I didn't expect all these feelings," said Sheena Anderson Saturday.

Both Anderson and Gaither say they're looking forward to getting all their equipment into their homes in the coming week.

They are both excited about taking their Habitat House and making it into a home that can be passed down from generation to generation.