Halloween Safety Tips

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Next Thursday night kids all over the panhandle will grab their goodie bags and set out on the quest for Halloween candy.

As they run around the neighborhood, many forget about being safe.

Police officials have a few tips for everyone to make sure the kids get home safely.

"Remember this is the worst time of year for kids to be out in the street because it is dark, and it is the highest percentage time of kids getting hit by cars,” said Sergeant William Royal, of the Fort Walton Beach Police Department. “So people driving their cars need to be aware of the kids out in their dark costumes."

Parents can help, by making sure your child's costume is bright and reflective.

If not add reflective tape so drivers can see them.

Also, make sure the family pet doesn't spoil the evening.

"Home owners that have pets please make sure they are in the home or in the yard, and that way they aren't frightening any children,” said Catherine Rodriguez, Public Information Officer for the Walton County Sheriff Department.

When the kids get home, inspect their candy.

Throw out any unwrapped treats, or those that appear to have faulty or altered wrappers.

For those more interested in drinks than candy, understand you won't be alone on the streets.

"There is a campaign in the state of Florida in reference to DUI’s during the Halloween holiday. Both Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa County and surrounding cities and counties will be enforcing the DUI's on the road,” said Sergeant Royal.

Police officials encourage kids go out between 5:30 and 9:00.

Make sure you tell kids going out on their own, to stay away from homes that are not lit.