Halloween Safety While Trick or Treating

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Panama City Beach -- Halloween is the time of year where it is common to see walking skeletons and goblins. Many kids spend ample time answering that very important question. ‘What are you going to be for Halloween?’

“A Skeleton” said Tyler Kelly. “…Spiderman” said Everett Columbus.

Of course those costumes should undergo careful scrutiny by safety-minded parents before trick or treating begins. Kim Kelley said she has been very hands on in her son’s costume.

“He’s going to be a skeleton, but instead of wearing the mask, this year we’re going to paint his face and all that good stuff” said Kim Kelley, mother.

Face paint allows kids to see better at night without the hurdle of clunky masks.
Another thing to remember is night time visibility. Wearing bright colors will better alert motorist on roadways.

“Actually we have little flashlights we carry with us and glow necklaces, things like that so everybody will be able to see us” said Kim Kelley, mother.

Trick or treating cannot be complete without arguably the most important element of them all…to the kids anyway. However, Officer Shaun Maguadog warns of dangers associated with tasty treats.

“It’s one of the times of year where it’s acceptable to take candy from a stranger, but don’t eat strange candy. If it looks like it’s been opened or manipulated or unfortunately homemade because somebody put a lot of thought into it, don’t eat it” said Officer Shawn Maguadog, Panama City Beach Police.

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