Happy Birthday Cove School

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Panama City- Past, present and future students gathered at Holy Nativity Episcopal School Sunday, formerly Cove Elementary School, to celebrate 75 years of history.

"I was in the first graduating class" said Peggy Strid. She told us she had been looking forward to the event for some time. She was not the only one.

"This is reunion city" said Head of Holy Nativity, Judy Jughes. "Everybody is really enjoying seeing each other."

Local artist, Paul Brent made a painting of the school and 500 limited edition prints for the occasion. He explained elements of the painting to News Channel 7.

"I found a shot where there was an iconic tree, so that everybody can ride by and say, 'Yeah, that's the tree'" Brent explained. "So it isn't just a generalized tree, its a specific tree. And then there's a palm and Spanish moss- that's all part of being here at Cove."

Another hot item at the event was a guide book marking 75 years of history in the making. Middle School math teacher, Amy Moody created the piece of work. She said the project rallied alumni and made Sunday's celebration all the more memorable.

"People sending me photo's and then telling me what was important about them- it made everything fall into place about the changes in this building and how to put it together in this book" Moody said.

She told us the proceeds from the book would be a big boost for Holy Nativity. "When you're in a 75 year old school building, the proceeds of the book are going to go toward maintaining the building" Moody said money from the event was also put toward a scholarship fund for children in the community.

And though the day was certainly a stroll down memory lane, Hughes told us she was also looking down the road ahead. "I think all of our sights are on being the premiere school academically."

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