Hathaway Bridge Under Repair Construction - Again!

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State Department of Transportation officials say they've discovered problems with a bridge joint on the westbound span of the Hathaway Bridge.

"What we'll be doing is removing some of the concrete and replacing it with some new concrete,” said Ian Satter of FDOT.

Crews will close one section at a time, from the approach through the first 1700 feet of the bridge.

That's not as drastic as last year, when crews shut down the entire westbound span because of a defective bridge joint.
That repair took nearly five months.

"The original joint that we had done last year, we had done numerous small repairs and decided to go in to make a large repair to make a lasting repair. We're going to be doing something similar with this particular joint,” said Satter.

Officials hope work will be done by spring, but that could still be too late for some of the spring break traffic which arrives in the first few weeks in March.

β€œIt's better for everybody if we can get to the need immediately. It's like a pot hole. The longer you leave a pot hole, the more damage it can do to the road," said Ian Satter.

The repair work will not effect the pedestrian walkways, which will remain open during the project.

The Hathaway Bridge is still under warranty, which will cover the costs of the repairs.

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