Head Start Programs Could Face Cuts

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Panama City, FL-- Head start programs could lso become victims of sequester.

The local Head Start office is preparing for a 5% budget cut.

When they first heard about the sequester cuts, it was believed to be the largest cut the program would have to encounter.

But after a conference call with representatives in Washington, D.C. this afternoon, it may not be that bad according Dr. Pamela Fleege,

"What we've been told is that it will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 5%. So while we're not ecstatic about that it's not as bad as 8 or 9 percent which we were being told several days ago."

Despite a smaller budget, Dr. Fleege says parents don't have to worry about their children,

"Our parents and our children are our most important thing to us. Because our children need an education. And we are in a a partnership with our families and we take that very, very seriously. So we will cut everything else before we do something with the children and families."