Helping ZooWorld Locate a New Giraffe

Last month, Zooworld lost one its long time attractions, Sidney the Giraffe. Now it is looking for a replacement for him.

There are several animal preserves and zoos that have either newborns or pregnant giraffes that Zooworld can access but a lot of money is needed for them. Male giraffes cost about 25 thousand dollars and females can go for almost twice as much. Right now, Zooword has about 15 thousand of the 50 thousand dollar goal.

Well GulfWorld stepped up to the plate Friday meeting and donated 1 thousand dollars to the giraffe fund at ZooWorld and Pam George of GulfWorld offered a challenge to all chamber businesses to do the same. "There's many different organizations that are already started working together and trying to raise money so just contact Stephanie at Zooworld and she can give you all the information about it.

Stephanie Sinnett of Zooworld was in tears as the $1,000 donation was announced. "Well we've been working very hard, oursevles with a lot of other local community partners to help Zooworld fund raising efforts to raise funds. Right now I think we're at about 15 thousand and Gulf World has decided to a great big part of this and we can't thank them enough."

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