Henderson Park Inn Named To Global List

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Employees at Henderson Park Inn knew they worked in a special place but they didn't realize how special.

"I actually just found out last night. It is extremely exciting because we are trip advisor-holics here. We're number one in this area. Four hotels. It's something that is beginning to be common with the traveler they go to trip advisor before they book" said Inn Keeper Ryan Olin.

And if they go to trip advisor, they'll find out the Henderson Park Inn has been named one of the top ten romantic destinations in America.

"Like Ryan, I think that it gives us more exposure to other markets because trip advisor is such a well-respected site for travelers" said Henderson Park Inn Director of Marketing Deborah Channell

One of the reasons Henderson Park Inn may have made the list for the top ten most romantic hotels in the nation is because number one you have to be at least twenty-five years old to rent a room here and there's no kids allowed.

"Our beach stays very private not matter if it's January, no matter if it's July fourth. It's also adults only. You have to be twenty-five or older to stay here" said Olin.

"The guest experience, the total guest experience is unique here. It's our staff, it's our beautifully appointed rooms" said Channell.

The trip advisor ranking means much more than bragging rights. It's daily exposure to millions of users.

"You can't quantify that in terms of advertising. You couldn't possibly get that kind of coverage and exposure. They're so well respected in the industry" said Channell.

The hotel sits right next door Henderson Beach state park, making it truly private and unique.