High Demand, Little Inventory for Jackson County Dress Code Clothing

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Marianna- Janice Washington, Ikia Brown's grandmother said the two of them had been just about everywhere Wednesday... "Walmart, City Trends, Fred's- we're about to go to [Vanity Fair] in Graceville, and if we cant find it there, we're going to go to Chipley."

Madison Brown had experienced similar luck.

"I haven't been to vanity fair because they don't usually carry the color and styles that I need" Dean told us. She was shirt shopping for her parents- both newly assigned teachers to schools with dress codes.

Brown was looking for "Graceville gear" - orange, black and white Polo's. She wasn't having much luck either.

"There's more boy's [shirts] than girls in the polo area" Brown said of her search. "I don't want my shirt to be baggy like a boys. I want it to fit like a woman would want her shirt to fit."

Michael Shores, owner of Michael's Toggery said he understood her dilemma.

"I know that the girls don't want to look like the boys" he said. "They don't want to look like sponge bob square pants walking around in huge baggy shirts. Girls want a more fitted look, smaller sleeves and of course, the reverse placket."

Shores said he had just the thing... in a box... being shipped to his store. He'd already sold over 5000 shirts and was a little low on inventory.

"I've only got about 150 shirts in stock right now. I've got 100 coming in this week, I've got orders for 500. I'll be completely stocked on Friday. If people start getting in a panic, don't worry, I've got another 1500 coming in next week. We also have the fitted shirts coming in they'll be in on Tuesday."

Shores said customers could place an order and he would reserve shirts. He also said he was opening his store of Jefferson Street an hour earlier than usual, 9:00AM, to accommodate the high demand.

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