High Tech Treasure Hunt Benefits Environment

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Panama City Beach- A high tech treasure hunt took place Saturday at Panama City Beach's Conservation Park.

Members of the Florida Geocaching Association came out for the first "Cache-In-Trash-Out" Event.

Participants were given a list of coordinates to plug into their GPS devices. Then the goal was to find containers that held a log for them to take out and sign.

While out looking for their cache, they also had the chance to help clean up the park, picking up any trash they may have found along their way.

"Sometimes a water bottle will fall off a boardwalk and get in the water and so we're just trying to getting some of the hard trash to pick up they're all here to help us out with that," said Panama City Beach's Parks and Resource Officer Dale Colby.

Colby said they hope to make the event an annual occasion to help get more people get out of their houses and into nature.

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