Hiland Park Holds Mock Election

Students at Highland Park Elementary School cast their ballot for President Tuesday.

As part of the social studies and civics requirements the second graders have been studying about the election process. The class set up polling booths and registration tables to let all 7 classes of second graders at the school cast their vote for President of the United States.

Each second grader had to present their voter registration card to the children at the registration table to be checked off as a "registered voter" and then proceed to the next table to get their ballot and go to the polling booths.

"I'm also hoping that some of them go home and urge their parents to vote who maybe were going to sit this one out, because this is a very critical time of year," said 2nd grade teacher Connie Quilling.

The hope is that this activity will create a lifelong appreciation for our rights as citizens of the United States to vote and take a strong interest in the candidates.

President Barack Obama won the mock election with 70% of the vote.

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