Highway 79 Spring Cleaning

Highway 79 is a very busy road during Spring Break and summer seasons.
It is the road many take when traveling from Alabama and from the airport.
There are those in our community who do not think it is putting our best foot forward so to speak.
They claim it is an eyesore, because of trash and an unkempt landscaping.
The Florida Department of Transportation said they have signed contracts with different companies to maintain the roadway.
And, it is wildflower season, so they are letting the flowers grow.
"We've got a few more weeks of that, but do plan on starting our mowing," said Ian Satter, with DOT.
They mow about seven times a year starting in late March, early April.
"It's a cost saving measure as well,” said Satter. “We want to make sure we can be the best stewards we can with our taxpayers money."
Others, think the road is nice, with a path for running and bike riding, that is, when the trash is picked up.
"It's not as bad as some people have mentioned,” said Megan Keller, a resident of Panama City Beach. “There's people out today cleaning up the trash. I've seen many places along Panama City and the beach that are much worse than 79 could be."
Satter wants to remind people they need to do their part as well, do not litter and report those who do.