Hiland Park Kindergarten Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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PANAMA CITY- This week's Golden Apple award winner is a kindergarten teacher at Hiland Park Elementary School. Lorri Sizenbach was nominated by a fellow educator who writes: "Ms. Sizenbach has an unique ability to teach children and get the best out of them. Her class is respectful and loves to learn. She has instilled a sense of wonder in these beginners and I am awed at her patience and attitude with them."

On this day in Ms. Sizenbach's room "We are learning about sight words," explained student Kyla Faint. For many of these kindergartners this is their first experience in school. Colleagues say there is no one better to teach these young learners. "Ms. Sizenbach is a wonderful kindergarten teacher, first of all she is a wonderful person. And so that just transfers over into her classroom. She instills routines and procedures in her classroom so kids know what to expect on a daily basis," said Angela Hutchinson, Principal of Hiland Park Elementary. "Kindergartners are great. As long as you give them an expectation they will live up to it," said teacher Lorri Sizenbach.

She wants to give her students a strong foundation to build on as they grow. "We really work a lot on letters and sounds and blending words together. Being able to read when they start first grade is a big deal for them, and mastering their writing and their math concepts as well," explained Ms. Sizenbach. "She likes to help us learn a lot," said Liam Perez. "We just have so much fun, there is just so much joy," said Natalie Tout.

Speaking of joy, seeing her students make progress is a great source happiness for this hardworking teacher. "Just the smiles on the faces of the children, especially when they've learned something new and they finally get a concept," said Ms. Sizenbach, explaining what she loves best about teaching.

Congratulations to Lorri Sizenbach, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher.