Historic Amount of People Visit Florida

The number of tourists arriving in Florida is setting records.

“We try to get here as much as we can,” said Cleveland Wrighty visiting from Temple, TX.

They are spending billions of dollars and reviving the states economy.

“There is no secret the Florida tourism industry is experiencing some incredible momentum,” said VISIT FLORIDA President & CEO Will Seccombe.

Coming off of two record years, the first three months have seen an almost 5% increase over last year: 21.8 million tourists have already visited the state this year.

Travelers we talked with say they have been coming to Florida more frequently.

“Once a year, twice a year. Something like that,” said Ronald Miller visiting from Seguin, TX.

Last year, just over 91 million people visited the Sunshine State, up 2.3%.

“And with an increase in tourism this year, it means more jobs.”

Tourism officials say every 85 visitors support one Florida job.

“Huge impact to jobs. We had an additional 35,000 people employed in the hospitality industry.”

Those jobs all created in the first quarter of this year marking the 36th month of job growth in the tourism industry. It’s a trend likely to continue as people continue to visit.

“I like Florida, its where I plan to retire.”

The number of international visitors is increasing even faster than domestic tourists.

The number of international tourists have increased by 11.3%.