Ho Ho Doh! 'Bad Santa' Gets Stuck in Chimney

NAPLES - Christmas is still more than a month away. But that didn't stop a bad Santa from trying to break into a home through the chimney.

We say try, because the man got stuck. His accomplice had to go get help.

Take a look at what rescuers saw when they arrived. Look closely at the center of the first picture (above). That's the man stuck in the bottom of the chimney. Another picture taken inside the home shows his foot dangling out of the fire place.

It took fire fighters about an hour and a half to hoist the man out of the chimney. As you might imagine, he was covered in soot and ash.

The homeowner was at a second home in Lexington, Kentucky when he got the calls from police and his alarm company. He says, at first, he thought this was all a joke. But he caught a flight to Naples and despite the shock, his spirits were still high.

"I think this Santa was trying to remove things rather than bringing presents in," said Mike Whitley.

Whitley plans to beef up security, admitting he never thought someone would try something like this.