Holiday Hiring in Full Swing

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Chances are you have already seen a lot of Christmas merchandise in stores.
Many of those same stores are also hiring seasonal employees.
"We tend to see a huge increase, overall our fourth quarter is the largest,” said Alissa Guay, the general manager of Books-A-Million. “The one we really prepare ourselves for with the holidays."
Bay County is in the heart of the fall season, when the tourism industry traditionally slows down.
Many hotels and restaurants have had to lay-off staff, but those who decided to look for work, may find some opportunities in the retail sector.
Workforce Services Director Maria Goodwin said that she expects to see about the same increase in holiday season jobs as last year.
"There are a lot more jobs in that industry than the retail,” Goodwin said. “But with that being said, we typically see about 400 new jobs related to the holiday hiring season."
Retailers like Books-A-Million have already started accepting applications, and some of those part-time jobs could turn into permanent work.
A new survey from career builder dot com says that 39% of the employers plan to keep at least some of those seasonal workers after Christmas.
Books-A-Million in one of them.
"Originally what we tend to do is hire part-time to begin with, and if their sales are good-they've got the customer service that we're looking for, then we do keep them past the season," said Guay.
And, even though most of these jobs are part-time, Goodwin recommends applicants follow all of the same interview techniques as you would for any job, including dressing professionally, being prompt and having an up-to-date resume.

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