Holiday Report: Toy Testers

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It’s hard to believe, but the holiday shopping season is already here.
With so many toys on store shelves, it can be hard to pick the toys your child will love.

In our special report, Toy Testers, we took this year’s latest and greatest and put them to the test.

Upon opening boxes sent in from companies all over the country, we noticed more talking or electronic action figures than in years past. Most of the figures are from this year’s big box office hits like The Dark Knight Rises and Wreck It Ralph.

The top rated talking figure for girls was Venellope Von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph. Venellope is a little pricey, costing $39.99, but our toy testers used her as both a talking figure and a baby doll.

“I love to play with her hair,” said one 11 year old.

For boys, the popular interactive figure was The Dark Knight Rises Bane and Batman toys. Both retail for $34.99. They move, and talk saying several popular phrases from the movie.

In Part Two of our special report, News Channel 7 tested creative and educational toys to see if they passed our Toy Test.

We went to the C.C. Moore Boys and Girls Club to see how local kids liked the toys.

For many, a favorite was V-Tech’s Mobigo 2. "I never played it before and I would really die to play with it," said Jacoby, one of our testers.

The toy is similar to a hand-held video game system. The games and apps teach vocabulary, math, and reasoning. The Mobigo 2 retails for $59.99, and passed our Toy Test.

V-Tech also has a few less expensive options this year. The Switch’N’Go Dino toys retail for about fifteen bucks. They’re similar to transformers in that they can switch from a dinosaur to a vehicle.

An educational toy aimed at girls this holiday season is the Little Mommy, Doctor Mommy doll. It comes with a doctors kit filled with a stethoscope, reflex hammer, and a medicine dropper, among other things.

“I can check its heart rate and give it shots and medicine,” said one tester.

Our Toy Testers could actually hear the doll’s heart-beat and the reflex hammer causes the doll’s knee to pop up. The Little Mommy, Doctor Mommy doll will set you back about $50 dollars, but it passed our Toy Test with flying colors.

"You feel like a real doctor."

For parents that want to inspire painting creativity, with the mess, Crayola’s Color Wonder Light-Up Paint Palette is a great option.

Kids can dip their paint brush into clear gels on a light up palette, which shows up clear on any surface, except Crayola’s special paper.
The Color Wonder Light-Up Paint Palette costs $19.99, but you’ll also need to purchase paper re-fills.

In Part Three of our special report, News Channel 7, we have details about some toys that are just plain fun.

One of the most popular toys for girls this year is the Monster High High School Play Set. “It came with the whole set of everything: lockers and purses,” said one Toy Tester.

The six play areas include the “Creepateria” and the “Casketball Court.” It’ll set you back nearly $70 dollars, dolls not included, but the kids loved it.

Monster High dolls cost an additional $20 dollars.

One hot item for boys and girls is the Hot Wheels Terrain Twister Remote Controlled Vehicle. It has cork-screw shaped treads instead of wheels, allowing this toy through land, water, grass, and sand. “It’s so fast and awesome!” The Terrain Twister costs $79.99, but is sure to be one of this year’s favorites.

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll is also one of this year’s latest and greatest. The doll has an embedded camera on the front of her shirt. The doll costs $39.99.

To the Bat Mobile! This year’s featured toys include The Dark Knight Rises Batpod and Batmobile! Both are easy to handle, fast, and fun!” Each costs $35 dollars, but they are sure to be some of the hottest toys of the year.

Other toys that passed the test this year are the Hexbug Spides, which were loved by both boys and girls and the Cinderella Swirling Lights Doll, which retails fro $24.99.

All of the toys featured in the series have been donated to the C.C. Moore Boys’N’Girls Club.

Monday and Tuesday, we’ve tested this year’s top electronic action figures and tried some creative options. Wednesday night, we had have details about some toys that are just plain fun.

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