Holmes County School Board Hears From Concerned Parents

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BONIFAY - Some parents in Holmes County are voicing their displeasure about the way the district has been run.

They're accusing the school board of allowing favoritism and mismanagement.

The Superintendent is defending against those accusations.

A number of parents showed-up at Tuesday night's Holmes County School Board meeting to voice concerns about several topics.

One involves the high turn-over of principals at bethlehem school.
Christine LiCausi is a concerned parent and said, "I'm concerned as our many other parents, students, faculty, and staff about the instability about the administration at Bethlehem High School. I believe that this instability has caused FCAT scores to drop to an all time low, and diminished the morale of the students and the teachers."

The Superintendent removed one principal at Bethlehem High School after the end of last school year.

The latest, Stacey Thompson is stepping down after only one year due to health concerns.

Parents also addressed the School Board about perceived nepotism, cronyism, and favoritism when making new hires or promoting personnel.

Eddie Dixon, the Holmes County Superintendent denied the accusations, "There are a lot of people who are related just like any small county, even larger counties like Bay County, you know, a lot of people are related. There is no nepotism in education. That's the state statute level. You know, we hire the very best people we can find to fill positions and that's our...both our policy and our ethical responsibility to the children."

Holmes County will also receive funding from the state for a new Pre-K through 8 school to replace Bonifay Elementary and Middle Schools.

That project is currently in the design phase.