Holocaust Victims Remembered

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Historians estimate the Nazi’s systematically murdered 6-million Jews during world war-2, in an effort to kill and entire race of people.
Naval Support Activity-Panama City remembered the genocide, known as the Holocaust, during its 6th annual observance Tuesday morning.

Relatives and guest heard from guest speakers, watched performers, and participated in a candle-lighting ceremony. Their mission was to send a message to younger generations.

"I think its incumbent on me in particular to help remember because my father lost cousins," said organizer Barbara Shykoff. "My father lost aunts and uncles in the madness."

This year's event focused on 2-pivital periods of the holocaust:
The refugee crisis in 1939, during which Jews fled Europe by the hundreds of thousands. And the deportation of Hungarian Jews in 1944.

"We must not forget, because we don't want it to happen again," said guest speaker Dr. Sandford Sternlicht. "There are still kinds of holocaust going on."

"It's very important that we remember what happened in Europe, and to not only remember but to educate and to make awareness of what's still going on today all around our world," said organizer Chaplain Jennifer Howe.

Students who performed during the ceremony say the experience changed some of their views.

"I realized through my monologue, the hardship was also on those who had to carry out the commands, they didn't know what they were doing until it was too late," explained performer Grayson Campbell.

The performers at the event were students from the Covenant Christian High School Drama Club.