Holy Nativity School Holds Service Honoring Veterans

Veteran's Day came a little bit early for the students at Holy Nativity School in Panama City.

Students and parents came together Wednesday morning for Veteran's Day Chapel.

The service honored veterans as well as their family members.

Several students stood to be recognized in place of parents currently on tours of duty and a few of those who are serving their country overseas were able to be part of the ceremony through face time.

Guest speakers, like Brigadier General Jack Briggs used the platform to inspire kids to view Veteran's Day as a time for cooperation.

"Veterans come in all different shapes and sizes. They are boys and girls. They have different races, religions, and political perspectives and we all work together. We worked together to do wonderful things for our nation," said Briggs.

General Briggs says that while no longer serving in the military, it is every Veterans wish to continue to serve by being a positive example in the community.