Home Depot and Lowe's Prepping for Karen

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - It's been a long time since a storm has posed a direct threat to our area.

Emergency Management officials are worried people have become complacent and won't take the Karen seriously.

Workers at Home Depot and Lowe's on Back Beach Road were busy Thursday night, stocking the shelves with hurricane supplies, even if shoppers were just trickling into the stores.

Lowe's Assistant Manger, Ginger Graham said, "We got into the mode of getting everything ready for what our customers are going to need to get through this storm. we've got our generators ready, we've got our plywood ready, sand bags, all the essentials you need to be safe."

Lowe's employees have moved crucial supplies closer to the front doors, so customers can quickly find what they need.

Graham said, "We're prepared we bringing in extra workers so it's like people can get in and get what they need."

Home Depot's Assistant Manager says the last few days have been busy.

Manager Mark Hillard said, "You never know how bad it's going to get, or what's going to happen out there. So the thing is like the boy scouts moto, "Be Prepared."

Hillard hopes people don't wait until the last minute to pick up what they need.

"They don't prepare and then all of a sudden they do right at the last minute. now, you've got people coming in a head of time and getting ahead of the game," he said.

One customer, who came in for batteries and flashlight points out another perk to shopping early.

Greg Anders said, "I would get out right now, beat the crowds and you might get some good deals out there too."

Lowe's Assistant Manager chuckled when I asked her if the store was going to stay open no matter what.

"Oh yeah usually. Unless they make us leave we are here," Graham said.

Both stores say generators have been the fastest moving items.