Home Prices Up in Bay County

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CoreLogic released the sales prices for Bay County homes for 2012, showing an average price increase of more than 2.5%. Experts say, if you're in the market, now is the time to buy.

For realtors like Jennifer Bowman, only one word is being used to describe the housing market - moving. While things aren't necessarily as good as they were before the recession, she believes that things are steadily moving in the right direction.

"The tone of people that were looking is just different. They're ready now, where before they were just waiting for the bottom," Bowman said. "I know the economy is moving when things are selling."

According to Bowman, the movement is in the right direction.

Interest rates have been as low as 3.5%, a rate that realtors say is a deal that should be grabbed up, because rates aren't getting any lower and houses aren't getting any cheaper.

"I've had some guy question how banks are even making money right now because the interest rates are so low," said Bowman. They're not making a whole of of money, so they're only gonna go up."

Despite annual sales prices increasing locally, Bay County was still well behind the national average which showed home sale prices up an average of 7.4%.