Home and Garden Expo Raises Funds for Red Cross

If you're in the market for some renovations or decorating ideas, this weekend would be a great time to visit the Bay County Fairgrounds as they hold the 10th annual Gulf Coast Home and Garden Expo.

"This event is something that helps us keep going," said Teresa Massey, a Red Cross volunteer. "Helps us help the person in a fire, helps us help that hurricane victim or just shelter people."

The Expo opened Friday with visitors dropping by the booths of local businesses offering everything from solar panels to security systems. Those in attendance were also treated to cooking demonstrations and even massages.

While the primary focus was on how to add improvements to a home, there was also a push for residents to begin thinking about hurricane season.

"It may seem like June the 1st is a long way off but if you stop and consider that the local chapter still has volunteers in New Jersey working on Hurricane Sandy relief, then June 1st looks pretty close," said local Red Cross director Bob Pierce.

The expo runs through the weekend, from 9 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm. Admission is $5, with proceeds going to the Red Cross.

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