Homeless Census Underway Locally

PANAMA CITY, Fla. The Homeless and Hunger Coalition of Northwest Florida conducted its annual Point In Time Count Thursday evening near McKenzie Park in Downtown Panama City.

The annual count is an attempt to get an accurate census of the number of homeless people are living in Bay, Jackson, Calhoun, Washington and Gulf counties. It's part of a count taking place in communities nationwide.

The program began in the Mckenzie park area, in-conjunction with a local church sponsored homeless feeding program.

Turn-out was light this year due to the cold weather. But the numbers are important, The totals help determine how much federal funding our area receives to help the homeless.

Morgan Burleson is with the Homeless and Hunger Coalition. “Well our number one need is housing. We do not have enough housing in this area. Then of course employment, many of the people I interviewed tonight said they are in need of jobs."

Organizers say they have a few more events planned to get the most accurate count possible.

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