Homeless Shelter Planned for Jackson County

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Marianna- A new homeless shelter could soon be coming to Jackson County.

"Hopefully within the next six months," said Jackson County Community Emergency Shelters Program Director Aida Spina.

Spina said the idea first came about last year.

"This is an issue that can affect any of us," said Spina.

She said there are as many as one hundred people in the area right now with nowhere to live.

"We have a lot of misplaced families, broken homes, foreclosure, unemployment," said Spina.

The group is looking at three possible locations. One is in Grand Ridge, another in Alford, the third is off Magnolia Road just outside Marianna.

Residents living off Magnolia Road said they support the idea.

"Being such close proximity with I-10 I think it's a good thing," said Jackson County resident Matilda Anderson.

"It's a great idea for this community. We definitely need something like that," said Jackson County resident Brenda Russell.

Russell said her only concern is attracting vagrants.

"It would worry me," said Russell.

Vagrancy has been a heated topic at Panama City's Rescue Mission in Bay County, and even though this homeless shelter will be working with it, Spina assured residents vagrants won't be a problem here.

"This is not just a feeding location. This is a program established to end the homelessness," said Spina.

If you'd like to learn more, you can attend one of the group's advisory meetings. The next one is Friday February 17th at 11:00 a.m. at the Evangel Worship Center in Marianna.

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