Honoring Paramedics

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It's Emergency Medical Services Week. A time when paramedics get a much deserved pat on the back.

Jayme Price is happy to sing their praises. Jayme's son, Avery, almost drowned in a community pool in Lynn Haven nearly a year go.

"They did their job to keep me calm and in the loop of what's going on and keep me calm all at the same time," said Jayme Price, a Lynn Haven resident.

Captain Joel Welch calls incidents like that shear terror.

"So you get those routine kind of calls, but then in the middle of all that is the heart attacks, the strokes, the cardiac arrests, drownings," said Capt. Welch with the Bay Medical Emergency Medical Services.

When they do get a call, they're on their way. Capt. Welch says they receive an average of 60 to 70 calls a day. The record is 150 calls.

One of Wednesday's calls was a car accident.

Inside each quick response vehicle, there's a computer that shows what type of incident, where it's located, and the status of the call.

Captain Welch says there are some calls that are harder to take than others.

"Was there with him for a short time until the transport truck arrived and unfortunately we weren't able to revive him, but that certainly hits home," said Capt. Welch.

But for Jayme Price, it was a positive outcome for her and her son. Something for which she'll be forever grateful.

"Because if it wasn't for their efforts, then my child wouldn't be here," said Price.

Captain Welch tells Newschannel 7 they usually don't see the outcome of the people they've helped. But when they do reunite with them, it's a good feeling knowing they've made an impact.