Hope for Future Red Snapper Seasons

The scientific body overseeing gulf fisheries does designate red snapper as "over-fished."

"The headline mentions them not being over-fished, and a lot of people are going to be misled thinking it's going to make a great difference this summer. We'd love that to be the case, but its not going to be at this stage," says Pam Anderson of Captain Anderson's Marina.

A study has been released suggesting an impressive 12 to 16 million pounds of red snapper in the Gulf. However, until confirmed by NOAA scientists, nothing can change.

"NOAA, they determine that. Then it goes to the Gulf Council. Then that's when we will know what the status of the stock is, as far as the fishing season goes," continued Anderson.

NOAA will issue that report at the end of May, allowing the Gulf Council to review it in June. Not in time to effect summer fishing, but in time to add a fall season, or to lengthen to 2014 summer season.

"If they actually come out and say we are up to 16 million pounds then the fishery is rebuilt. That will change the whole story for season and bag limits for all of us and that will be wonderful. We just don't know how its going to change because of the way they do their modeling based on the changes," says Anderson

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation commission has set a 44 day snapper season for state waters. NOAA is sticking with a 21day season for federal waters.