Hopping on the Fitness Train

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New Year's Eve is around the corner and countless people around the country are pledging to dedicate time to the gym. Some are waiting to until after the clock strikes midnight, others have been pushing themselves and seeing results that keep them coming back for more.

While there's space in the gym right now, that might not be the story in a few days when many people jump into the gym hoping to stay true to their resolutions - but many people won't be so committed too long.

"Most people will quit because they don't get results and they get bored and if you can keep it fresh and change up different things, you'll notice that you'll stick with it," said fitness trainer John Puskarich.

So outside of working out, what gets results? Puskarich says that more than half of the journey is committing to eating healthier.

While many join the gym in hopes of getting rid of extra fat, Tiffany Mayne's commitment to the gym is personal.

"The turning point was...we were on the beach and my 3 year old ran away from me," Mayne said, "and I couldn't catch him, so that was hard."

The incident would change Mayne's life.

In February she started working out three times a week. She's lost more than 40 pounds and says she's feeling great.

"Overall, my life is better. When I come to the gym, I feel happier, healthier."

Mayne is now preparing for a new challenge. She plans to participate in this Sunday's Biggest Loser 5K Race, with her kids holding signs to motivate her the whole way.

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