Potential Impacts The Sequester Could Have On NSA-PC

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The sequester took effect Friday, triggering mandatory cuts in federal spending including cuts in the military budget.

More than 1,800 civilians work at Naval Support Activity Panama City.
Each is facing some major changes for the rest of the 2013 fiscal year.

Many may be forced to go to a four day work week, for the 22 weeks.

"They're obviously concerned. I mean, when you're talking about possibly losing 20 percent of your income, it would be crazy if they weren't concerned," said NSA-PC's Commanding Officer Anthony Anglin.

Commander Anglin says the defense department has asked him to plan for the furloughs, but he has not received any official orders.

Civilian employees make up the majority of workers on NSA-PC, receiving a total of more than $149 million dollars in annual payroll.

"That's the majority of the folks. That's the majority of the folks. On this specific base, we are more civilian-centric than military-centric," said the officer.

Anglin believes the shorter work week could potentially result in less productivity to support the base's different missions.

"That function is going to suffer which means that the service that we provide to our tenants will possibly be effected also."

Despite the looming cuts, officials say the attitude on base has remained optimistic.

"When they're here, they're going to work to the best of their ability. I'm not concerned about that at all," said the Commander.

Anglin says civilian employees will get a thirty day warning if the government issues orders for mandatory furloughs.
He says he expects that will begin in late April.

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